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  • LethalFX - CEO & Designer

    Ludovic G. Nicolaidis, better known as "LethalFX", is a Professional Human Beatbox from Columbus, Ohio & the founder of SYMAB.

  • Tony C. - COO / CSO

    Anthony Carreira is a Vocal Percussionist & Drumset player hailing from York, PA. Tony C. is in charge of Operations & Strategy for SYMAB.



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Shut Your Mouth & Beatbox (SYMAB) is dedicated to the uprising of beatboxing in the United States. Our goal is not only to build the awareness of beatboxing, but to create events throughout America; bringing beatboxers together and putting them in front of a crowd of new and long-time fans of beatboxing.

SYMAB has been organizing events and competitions since 2012, including the first International beatbox competition to be held in the United States, "The Midwest Beatbox Battle"; which has been held the past 5 years in Ohio.